These projects showcase the K&Co Swell Noel Collection


Projects on this page have been designed and created by guest designer Kathy Black.






Circle Book/Decoration Class

Designed by Kathy Black





Products used: K&Co Swell Noel


Kathy has created a wonderful class for you with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Click here to visit this class.



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Quick Christmas Cards

Designed by Kathy Black



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Products used: K&Co Swell Noel


For these Swell Noel cards Iíve used items from the chip box, which is full of double-sided chipboard pieces, with glitter on both sides or multi-layered, glittered stickers from the Grand Adhesions packs. 

Both start off the same way:

  • Decide where you want your focus piece to be, measure it and cut an aperture in the front of your card which is just a little bigger than the embellishment you are using.

  • Ink the edges of the aperture with an appropriate shade


The Bell card

The bell is a chipboard shape and as both sides are decorated thereís no need to worry about what the back looks like.

  • Once youíve cut the aperture, find the top and bottom centre points and make a small hole in each. 

  • Lay the chipboard in the aperture and make the matching holes so that it will hang correctly when the card is standing

  • Using a needle and silver thread ďstitchĒ through the top hole in the card and the hole in the top of the chipboard and tie off at the front of the card, trim excess thread away.

  • Repeat for the lower two holes, making sure the chipboard threads are nice and tight so it wonít flop about.  Again, tie off in the front.

  • Put a dab of glue over the knots to secure.

  • Make a small bow from silver ribbon and adhere over the knot at the top of the aperture

  • Cut three small motifs from one of the Swell Noel papers, stick the middle one over the lower knot and the others either side of the first.

  • Apply a rub-on greeting from the Swell Noel ďRub On & GemsĒ pack

  • Add one of the tiny holly stickers from the Grand Adhesions pack


The Bauble Card

The bauble is from one of the Grand Adhesions pack of beautiful layered and glittered sticker embellishments and looks fabulous used in the little window.

  • Once youíve cut the aperture just close up the card and place the bauble in place, press it down firmly.

  • Cut a strip of one of the striped Swell Noel papers long enough to go the full height of the card, make it about 2.5cms wide. 

  • Ink the edges and stick in place.

  • Add a holly sticker from the Grand Adhesions pack and a greeting if you wish


Here are a couple more quick cards using the Swell Noel collection:



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"Our Christmas" Mini Book

Designed by Kathy Black



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Products used: K&Co Swell Noel



I think everyone knows how to make a mini book, so Iím not going to go into any details about that!

Instead Iíll give you the basic measurements I used to make this one, a list of the materials and anything else I think of that might be helpful

You will need:

  • Bazzill type card

  • Thicker card for the covers

  • K&Co Swell Noel papers

  • K&Co Swell Noel Chip Box

  • K&Co Swell Noel Grand Adhesions

  • K&Co Swell Noel Rub-ons

  • K&Co Swell Noel Tag Pad

  • Dovecraft Christmas Wishes Funky Brads

  • K&Co Glittered layered snowflakes

  • Assortment ribbons and fibres

  • Plain, coloured paper to tone with the colours of the Swell Noel Papers

  • Stickles Glitter Glue

  • Glossy Accents


Iíve used my Bind-It-All to make this book but book rings or bead chain loops would work just as well


There are 4 inner pages measuring 14.5 x 10cms

The cover is slightly bigger

The photo mounts are just plain white card with lots of inking to make them less boring

Iíve used a variety of methods for anchoring photos:

  • * Iíve made little pockets for the photo just to slip in

  • * Photo corners made from scraps of paper

  • * Iíve used the embellishments themselves to do the photo-holding. 

  • * Narrow strips of patterned paper to tuck the photos under

  • * On other pages itís a case of just gluing the photos in places


Iíve used some of the Swell Noel tag as extra mini pages.  They add a bit of interest to the book and extra space for small photos, journalling etc.

I covered the reverse of the tags in plain coloured paper but otherwise left them undecorated with the idea that I can go back later and embellish to match whatever I end up using the tag for.

I try and make sure that any brad prongs or other messy bits are safely hidden between the layers.  Sometimes this means making the page like a mini LO then sticking the whole thing onto the card page

I cut the Ho Ho Ho from one of the papers, chopped it into 3 bits and glued them to the edge of one of the photo mounts Ė I then gave each a layer of Glossy Accents


For the cover

Iíve added the ribbon closure through eyelet holes about 2cms in from the edge of the covers.  The ends of the ribbon are hidden away between the cover and the patterned paper inner cover

The tag on the cover is actually cut from the packaging of some of the Swell Noel embellishments Ė the card bag inserts are colour coordinated so itís a shame not to use them, isnít it?

Iíve also cut a few extra little parcels from the paper to match those on the strip along the bottom of the book.  Iíve used 3D foam to fix them over those they match, and lying over the tag for extra dimension


Finally I got a bit carried away with the Glitter Glue Ė but hey, itís Christmas so youíre allowed to bling it!



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All projects copyright ģ Charmed Cards & Crafts. All rights reserved.



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