These projects showcase the Basic Grey Wassail Christmas Collection


Projects on this page have been designed and created by design team member Maddy Hill





Recipe Book

Designed by Maddy Hill



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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection


This little project is a great way to use up any scraps of your Wassail!


  • Cream cardstock

  • Wassail chipboard circle

  • wassail chipboard flourish

  • wassail chipboard snowflake.

  • Wassail sticker letters.

  • Jumbo paper snowflake .

  • Brads

  • lace

  • bind it all wires 1 ฝ “

  • chipboard mount board

  • Printed out recipes on A4 paper.

  • Ribbon.

  • Paint dauber. ( I used lemonade colour)



  • bind it all .

  • The book.


Cut 6 pieces of mount board /chipboard 6 cm by 16 cm height.

1.Cover one side of these pieces in the wassail range paper , use the distressed plain side .Then the reverse side in cream cardstock .

2.Using a paint dauber in cream dab around all the sides of each piece. Then ink in brown ink.

3. Using wires that are at least 1 ฝ “ bind the top.


Front cover ,

Using the paint dauber , dab around the chipboard circle. Lightly brush over with your dauber a piece of distressed red paper. Cut this into a circle just a bit bigger than your chipboard circle middle.

Attach circle to the red distressed side of the wassail paper.

Attach your letter stickers to say Recipes in the middle of the circle.

Attach your lace to the top and bottom of the front cover.

Attach the chipboard flourish .

Using a jumbo snowflake ,, ink the edges in brown. (can be one punched out snowflake) attach a chipboard snowflake to the middle and use a brad in the centre.




1st page of each recipe is the name of the recipe . ONLY on the first page I edged with lace.

Then I used a wassail patterned side and a slightly smaller distressed side . I used a paint dauber on all the edges then inked them.

I used stickers to decorate the bottom of the page.

I attached the distressed side to the patterned side – mounting it .

I used a brad in two corners .

I cut out a cream square , and snipped off the corners . I wrote the name of my recipe and attached it to the mounted background.


 Each Recipe page.

Fold your A4 printed recipe in half – then half again – to fit smaller than the page.

I ran some glue ( prick stick or similar ) down the middle of the recipe page – I only glued the length size of my recipe paper.

I then attached some ribbon to the glue – waited for it dry and then placed my folded recipe paper in the middle .

I folded the ribbon over and tied in a lose knot .

I continued in this way on the other five pages.




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Wassail Layout

Designed by Maddy Hill



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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection

Quick Guide

  • This layout uses two of the Wassail papers on the plain reverse side. Position the papers so that the second is at an angle on the first.

  • Cut up a 12x12 sheet of Wassail Snow Storm following the design (see pictures for guidance)

  • Position your picture then attach the pieces of cut-out Snow Storm to various areas on the layout, securing and embellishing with Wassail Chipboard, Buttons and Brads. I also used some flowers and a little mesh netting and lace here to decorate.  Twist the Snow Storm pieces to intertwine with itself in some places (again see picture for guidance). Don't stick it totally down, instead leave it away from the paper beneath.

  • Note how I have "stacked" various embellishments to give a unique 3-dimensional embellishment.

  • Finish of with Wassail letters for the titles



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Calendar and Notebook Desk Stand

Designed by Maddy Hill



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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection


Although I have used the Basic Grey Wassail Papers and chipboard you can create the look of this desk stand with any similar papers and chipboard.

You will need:

  • From the Wassail Basic Grey collection.

    • 1x of French Hens 12x12 paper

    • 1x of Sleigh Ride or Snow Dust 12 x12 paper

    • 1x of Falling Snow

    • 1x of Winterberry or similar red (only a small piece needed so if you have a scrap use that)

    • Buttons

    • Brads

    • Chipboard Flourish (from the Chip Sticker Pack).

    • Chipboard Dove (from the Chip Sticker Pack).

  • Lots of ribbon ! Fawn and chocolate coloured

  • Lace

  • Calendar

  • Notebook

  • White pen

  • Cardboard for backing.

  • chipboard /mount board -size height 21 cm by width 22 cm

  • Chalk ink.- brow

Extras – mesh – beads.


  • Bind-it-all

  • Bind-it-all wire 3/8 inch

  • Cropdile /Big Bite.

  • scissor

  • glue

  • sticky fixers (double-sided foam tape)



  • Cover the inside of the two mount board pieces with ordinary cream card or similar.

  • Cover the back of one piece in brown card or paper – ink the edges in brown ink .

Front cover.

  • Front cover – cover with the fawn coloured side of the sleigh ride paper. Ink the edges.

  • Using your bind it all punch 3 bind it all holes in the top of each piece of mount board at both ends. Place in your wires and squeeze in the bind it all machine as normal.

Side holes for ribbon

  • mark out holes down each of the mount board sides as so –

  • from the top measure 4 cm down and 1cm in for the first hole (the mark will be the middle of the hole )

Then mark a further 3 holes 2cm apart. Sow the side of the mount board. Do this to each  side and both pieces of mount board.

Top holes

  • Centre and mark 9 holes between the bind it all wires.

  • Using a Crop-a-dile or Big Bite  punch out holes on all the hole marks.


Front cover part 2.

  • Cut out a piece of dark brown card 19 x 19 cm.

  • Cut out a piece of falling snow 17 x 17 cm . Ink the edges . Sticky fixer (double-sided tape or foam tape) this on top of the dark brown card. Attach this to the front of the cover.

  • Next cover your notebook in the Winterberry paper..

  • Cover your calendar in the French Hen paper.

  • Cut out the some flowers from the French hen paper and go around the outlines with a white pen.

  • Push a brad though the cut out flower and attach to 1 or 2 blooms.


  • Attach your notebook and calendar to the front cover.

  • Attach the chipboard flourish and dove to the front cover also – you may go round the dove and flourish with white pen (refer to picture)

  • Add the blooms with the cut out flowers to the corner of the chipboard flourish. .

  • Attach lace to the very top , just underneath the bind it all wires.

Side and front Ribbons.

Side ribbon

  • Open your stand up to an angle you would like to have it – make sure it can stand by itself.

  • Thread the ribbon through the underneath of the first two holes then over and under into each hole and alternate the ribbon ends in a criss cross style– Just like lacing shoes up. Tie in a bow at the end.

  • Repeat with Two pieces of ribbon for the top of the stand and meet all four ends in the middle , tie in a bow.

Buttons - Sew some seed beads to the middle of some buttons and sew onto the bind it all wire.



Tie and bow brown ribbon to the wires at each end of the cover .



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Wassail Mini Cards and Boxes and Tree Card

Designed by Maddy Hill




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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection


Here is an ensemble of Wassail cards and mini boxes.

Big Tree Card

  • Cover your card in plain Wassail paper.

  • Prick a border all around the card and draw the stitching between the holes.

  • Make a pot for your tree to "stand in" from a scrap of Wassail paper and ink the edges with red Distress or chalk ink.

  • Cut two triangle layers for your tree from Wassail Laurel Leaves paper. Bend them in the middle and attach to your card on layers of foam tape to build up the middle.

  • Trim tree with Wassail Borders from the Element sheet, making sure you keep three aside.

  • Cut out three stars from the same border you sued to trim the tree. Ink edges of one of them with red Distress or chalk ink and glue to the top of the tree. Position the other two in opposite corners of the card (see picture for guidance)

  • Attach two Wassail Flourish stickers to the same corners (see picture for guidance). These are cut from the flourish border from the element sticker sheet.

Small Tree Card

  • Layer two pieces of coordinating plain Wassail paper.

  • Cut a tree triangle from the Wassail Tree Lot paper

  • Draw stitches around the edges of the two squares of papers with a white pen

  • Draw a little squiggle below the tree in white pen


These little boxes and cards are made from scraps of  Wassail paper and element border stickers. They have been  inked with brown chalk or distress ink and I used a white pen to write the greeting and draw a border.



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Season Greetings Card

Designed by Maddy Hill



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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection



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Peace Card

Designed by Maddy Hill



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Products used: Basic Grey Wassail Collection



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