Making the most of your Downloads

This page is full of information aimed at helping you get the most of your Charmed Cards & Crafts Downloads.



Try before you buy


Want to try a download before you make a purchase? Here is a sample for you courtesy of Dottie creator Louise Brigden.

Right-click on the picture and choose "Save as", then navigate the image to a folder where you can easily find it again (such as "My Pictures").  Note that this image is copyrighted.


White Background (JPG file format):


Transparent file format:

Here is a card Louise made using the image




Why do I need WinZip to open the downloads?


The download bundles consist of a variety of graphics, all contained within a folder. This folder has been compressed (zipped) to reduce the file size.

On MAC Systems

Mac operating systems do not require decompression, it is already built in. Right click on the downloaded folder and select decompress (or similar).

On WINDOWS Systems

Windows operating system will need the WinZip utility to unzip the files to their normal state.  WinZip is available on many utility CD's, such as those you get with computer magazines, it can also be downloaded from the WinZip site free of charge

Once you have WinZip installed, right-click on your downloaded bundle and choose "Extract all" or similar. Navigate to where you want to place your bundle, a good location is in your "My Documents" folder.  Once the WinZip utility has finished extracting your bundle you can find the files in the location you chose.



Re-sizing and Printing from MS Word

Here are two guides to resizing and printing your graphics using Microsoft Word.
 Insert the image into a word document.  Open a word document and insert the image: Insert/Picture/From File

Double-click on the image to open the picture format box and go to the size tab. Set the size you want, making sure the "Lock aspect ratio" is ticked. Bear in mind that the image may have an "invisible" border so crop that first if you want to be totally accurate (see further steps for guidance on how to crop a picture).


When you have the size you want you can print directly from Word. Set any printing preferences from your printers software. If you use the "Print" icon on the task bar you wont be presented with this option so print via the "File" menu. 


If you are layering the image then copy and paste the image before printing (select image/copy then paste) so that you are printing two copies of the image.

If you only require certain elements of the image for layering then don't print the whole image, wasting ink in the process. Just crop the sections you require. Select the image, click on the crop icon in the tool bar then drag from the points on the sides of each line on the image as far in as you require the cut. TOP TIP: To get really close to the image hold down the Alt key as you drag.



 Repeat the copy/paste/crop action for any other elements you require then print in one go (best quality print).



I wanted Henry from our  Animal Magic Download collection a little fatter for a card so inserted the image into MS Word, got the height the required size (as tutorial above) then dragged the side to make him the size I wanted:

......and here is my finished card:


File Formats explained


What is the difference between the two file formats?
JPG graphics have a white background, the transparent graphics are in PNG format and the background has been removed.  Note that all the white has been removed, including the inside of your Dottie or George character.  The "Try before you Buy" example graphic on this page has been presented in the two different formats so you can see the difference.


Do I need any special programmes to use the transparent image?
No. The PNG files open with all programs that opens JPG. You can right-click on the file and choose the program that opens the file if you want it to open in another program other than the default.


If the transparent image prints out  like a jpeg why do you need to offer a jpeg?
The PNG files only prints as the JPG's on a white background. On patterned papers you will get the background through on the entire image.



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