Card Making

New Home Cards
















Card 1

A "good luck in your new home" card with a funky edge.

  • Cut a base card from Bazzill Bling Sugar Daddy cardstock in size 30cm x 15cm. Score and fold.
  • Line the inside of the card with Horse shoe paper leaving a slight edge around the card.
  • Draw a funky line as shown. Mark where the 3D house will be and cut the line you drew around the house shape where it rises from the line.

  • Cut a piece of Mellow Lenient paper so that it follows the funky line of the card, ink the edges with blue ink then stick onto card. I used paper from the Mellow 6x6 pad as the designs are scaled down.

  • Cut out a piece of Green Basic Grey paper so that the design again follows the funky edge. Ink edges with green ink and stick onto card.

  • Attach the house to the card.

  • Cut the following from a Quickutz Silhouette: Large vine, two x grass, lots of different sized leaves. Attach the leaves and grass as shown then glue the leaves to the inside of the card to form a leafy border.

  • Attach various coordinating Mellow Fibres at the very top of  the leaf border.

  • Stick on the words "new home" using Basic Grey Mellow Maude Alphabet stickers



Card 2

A rustic card with a warm welcoming feel.

  1. Chalk a square aperture card in light green, then apply darker green chalked highlights.

  2. Put a little Vintage Gold Paper Effect on your finger and smudge it randomly on the card using downward strokes. This provides a wonderful effect when the card catches the light.

  3. Place a sticker from an AMM Herbanella Home & Heart Tag sticker sheet on a piece of Doodlebug Bazzill Kisses and stick the centrepiece to the back panel so that the focal point is central in the aperture.

  4. Roughly pipe a golden border around the aperture with the Vintage Gold Paper Effect, taking care not to touch the centre. 

  5. Cut out seven three leaf clovers and pipe the word "New Home", putting one letter on each of the clover leaves. If you want the leaves to stand out more you can use a dark green cardstock instead of white. Stick the clover leaves on the card when the Paper Effects is dry. I used glue dots in the centre only as I wanted the leaves to stand out from the card, providing a 3D effect.



Card 3

Oh you can just feel the strain endured by the poor elephant!

  • Create a decoupage design for the centre separating the layers with foam pads or silicon glue - do not stick it on the plain decoupage section just yet.
  • Draw and cut out a frame large enough to fit around the design with a few bits overlapping, as seen in the picture. Chalk the frame emulating some of the colours on the decoupage background. Use different shades of the same colour to add depth.
  • Glue down a plain section of the decoupage design on an A6 card and stick the frame on top.  I made the card a little smaller to make the design stand out even more.
  • Stick the finished decoupage design on top overlapping the design a little over the edges of the frame.