Crop-A-Dile III Main Squeeze Tool

Crop-A-Dile III - Main Squeeze Corner Plates & Metal Corners
- The ‘BOTTOM’ plate has a soft surface to protect the front of your Metal Corners
when squeezing. Be sure to place this plate on the top side of the corner when
- Make sure the Metal Corner is all the way up into the corner plates before
- Hold your page corner upright and place the Metal Corner over the page corner.
Let gravity do the work for you
- Place the tool with the plates in a downward direction over the top of the Metal
Corner and give the handles a squeeze to secure the Corner. Check it to make
sure it’s firmly attached, if not, give another squeeze
- When attaching a metal corner to a thick book-board, you may have to open up
the back of the metal corner a little to fit over the book-board. Use a needle-nose
plier to slightly bend it open
- There is a small divot in the ‘BOTTOM’ plate, this is for specialty metal corners
with rhinestones. The rhinestones fit in the divot and are protected when
Crop-A-Dile III - Main Squeeze Die Cutting Plates
- Each Die Cutting Plate has foam attached to the knife for safety and also to help
release the die-cut shape. If the shape becomes lodged in the die, use a pointy
tool or pin to pop it out
- Always tip the tool to the side to remove the shape before die-cutting your next
piece. If shapes build up in the die, it will be difficult to die cut
- To make a continuous border around a 12x12 page, first punch a corner and then
follow with the matching border lining up the plate carefully every time. If the
plate is even slightly off (not lined up on the peg), your border might have a slight
divot in it
- Once you have the row completed, switch the plates to the corner plates. Die cut
your corner, then switch back to the border plates and proceed around the page
in the same manner, lining up perfectly
- If your page is slightly off size and not 12 x 12 inches exactly, your border will be
slightly off and could have a divot between one of the scallops.
- Use the negative shape of the die-cut shape or border as a stencil. Simply place
above another paper and rub with an ink pad or paint for a great look
- If you have difficulty squeezing with one hand, don’t forget about your other one!
Use both hands and hold the Main Squeeze at the ends of the handles for more
squeezing power
Crop-A-Dile III - Main Squeeze Embossing Plates
- It’s easy to make a continuous border of any of the embossing icon shapes as well.
Simply place the edge of the plate the same distance away from the last
embossed design and repeat. Be sure to line your paper up against the inside of
the plate in the tool every time to keep the border straight
- Use a distressing tool like our Heart Attack tool with special sanding paper to
show off Embossed Designs. Emboss a design on a printed sheet of cardstock
paper then distress the embossed image to see the white core of the paper shine
- Touch the surface of any embossed design with an ink pad to add even more
- To make a continuous border that is evenly spaced, emboss a pattern, then move
the plate to the left or right so the edge of the plate lands in the centre of the last
shape, then squeeze
- Be sure to line your paper up against the inside of the plate in the tool every time
to keep the border straight