(INT) Delectable Clear Stamps- Treasure Chest

Angel Policy:

This Angel Policy refers to the copyright restrictions imposed on the Delectable Stamp range. The policy specifies how the stamped images can be used by you, the buyer. By purchasing our stamps you are also purchasing the license to use them, and agreeing to restrictions as detailed here.

The Charmed Delectable stamps are intended for personal, non-commercial use and all of our images are copyrighted. The images must not be reproduced in any way, including photocopying, computer scanning and printing, or by freehand drawing.

You can use the stamps to produce hand-crafted items to sell, provided that:

  •  they are stamped by hand by the buyer only and not by mechanical or computerised means (see above), or by a paid workforce.

  • your hand-crafted item is sold to friends, craft fairs, or similar small venues and NOT sold to shops or over the Internet

The images must not be mass-produced, or be part of any syndication of crafters, the license is for a single-user only. Selling or sharing stamped images is strictly prohibited.