The Essential Glue Pad & Inker Set

Getting Started
Apply glue from bottle to dry pad (one teaspoon for medium sized stamps).
Spread glue on pad in circular motion using glue bottle nozzle.
Adhesiveness of glue on pad may deminish over time if additional glue is not applied.
Refresh as needed.
Approximately 1 teaspoon (3ml) of glue allows for more than 100 stamp impressions.

Recommended Use
Gently and evenly tap stamp on glue pad.
Press stamp on projects surface.
While glue is wet, apply medium.
Tap down medium for best adhesion.
Tap off excess medium. Use soft brush as appropriate.
Allow to dry. Drying time depends on surface.

Cleanup and Storage
Replace pads inner cover and lid after use.
Store in a cool location.
If pad dries, rinse with water and dry completely before reuse.
Natural discoloration of the pad may occur with use.
Clean rubber stamps with an appropriate stamp cleaner and then rinse with water.