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A Girl

Products used: "Baby Powder"

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Baby Love

Products used: "Baby Powder"

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Sarah Layout

Products used: "Baby Powder"

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Stolen a Mother's Heart

Products used: "Baby Powder"

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Worry baby

Products used: "Baby Powder"

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Products used: "For Peeps Sake"


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Spring Purse

Products used: "For Peeps Sake"


  • Color Me Happy paper (stripe side)

  • Hot Chicks paper

  • Butterfly Blooms

  • Polished Pebbles

  • Petite Pearls Brads

  • Love Bugs Rub-ons

  • Daisy Chains Rub-ons

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Spring Purse Instructions:

  1. Cut striped Color Me Happy paper to fit the front and back of purse photo holder.  Adhere to purse.  Cut yellow side of Hot Chicks paper to fit the purse clasp and adhere.  Cut a one inch stripe from the Hot Chicks paper and place across the front of the purse horizontally. 

  2. Layer the three sizes of Butterfly Blooms and attach a Polished Pebble brad to the center of the flowers.  Attach to purse with double sided tape or glue dot.  Put Petite Pearl brads through the small Butterfly blooms and attach to the ends of the purse handles. 

  3. Add rub-ons to the front of the purse clasp.  Add a bee rub-on to left side of  purse just below the pink stripe



Springtime is Peep Time

Products used: "For Peeps Sake"

Sweet Sunshine

Products used: "For Peeps Sake"

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Thank You Card

Products used: "For Peeps Sake"

  • Cut Tiptoe Through Tulips paper 6” x 9 ½”.  Score at 4 ½” from left edge.  Fold on score line to create card.   Ink edges of card and rectangles.

  • Centre 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangle of blue side of Tiptoe Through Tulips on  front of card horizontally.

  •  Cut pink paper 1 7/8” x 3 7/8”  and place on top of blue rectangle. 

  • Cut yellow paper 1 ½” x 3 ½” and place on top of pink rectangle. 

  • Place Thank You rub-on in the centre of the yellow paper.  Decorate around the edges with Daisy Chains rub-ons.  Put rub-ons on the blue edge of the card front.

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Adore Tag

Products used: "Loves Me"
  • Die cut or free hand cut a 3” x 5 ½” tag from Love is in the Air Paper.  Add two ½” x 3” strips of Weak in the Knees striped paper across the top and bottom of tag
  • Place pink ric rac (from Ribbon and Bloom pack) below and above each striped strip of paper
  • Die cut a 2 Ό” x 2” heart from the Weak in the Knees paper.  Put 4 foam squares on the back and adhere to tag with green floral side up.  Place Adore sticker from the  Falling For You stickers on top of the green floral heart
  • Add a white Little Kisses flower  to the edge of the heart and put a pink heart Love Crystal in the centre of the flower
  • Add 4 inches of pink ric rac  in the hole of the tag.

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Heart Shaped "Love" Box and Accordion Album








Products used: "Loves Me" and a paper mache heart box.
  • Paint  the inside of paper mache heart box with pink acrylic paint.  Paint outside edges of box and let dry.
  • Cut two 2” x  7 inch strips of Words Can’t Express paper. Start at point of heart and adhere the strips to the outside of heart box. Trim excess paper off at the middle of the heart where the two strips will meet
  • Trace the outside of the box for a heart shape cut out on the Words Can’t Express paper.  Trim to fit  inside the box and adhere to the bottom of the box inside
  • Trace around the outside of the box lid for the heart shape on the red side of the Wild Hearts paper. Adhere the heart cut out on the top of the box lid.  Adhere  two ½” x 7 inch strips of red Wild Hearts paper around the outside edge of the box lid.  Trim to fit.  You may ink the edges of the box and lid with black ink.
  • Place the letters LOVE on the front of the box lid.  Embellish around the letters with Little Kisses Flowers and Love Crystals

Accordion Album

  • Trace around the outside of the heart shaped box and cut six hearts out of the six different papers from the collection
  • Cut five one inch hearts from the red Wild Hearts paper.  Place two  large cut out hearts together and glue a one inch heart on top of where the two hearts connect.  Glue all five small hearts on top of the six cut out hearts.  Fold to make an accordion album
  • Place small photos on each page.  Embellish around the photos with flowers, crystals, stickers, and rub-ons


Heart Trio


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Products used:
  • "Loves Me" products
  • One-4 ½” x 4” paper mache heart box lid
  • Two-3 ½” x 3” paper mache heart box lids

  • Acrylic paint

  1. Paint the outside edge and the inside edges with pink or red acrylic paint

  2. Trace the heart shape on the Wild hearts paper.   Decide if you want the red or pink side up.  Adhere the heart shape to inside of the box lid

  3. Frame small photos with pink “Love is in the air paper or red “Game of Love paper.  Place a photo in each box lid

  4. Embellish around the photo with white Itty Bitty flowers, Little kisses flowers, Love Crystals and petite pearls.

  5. Place the large box lid in the center with the two smaller heart lids to each side.  Adhere red ribbon .   Add  ribbon across the back  to hold the three hearts together.  Leave enough at each end to make a loop.  Add itty bitty white flowers with a petite brad to hold each ribbon loop.

  6. Add rub-on words by each picture


Love U Forever Card


Products used: "Loves Me"

  • Take a 6 1/2” x 10” piece of Game of Love Paper.  Score  and fold in half for card.  Ink the edges with black ink
  • With Wild Hearts Paper die cut a 4” x 3” heart.  Ink edges with black ink.  Use pink embroidery floss and stitch a long running stitch around the edge of the heart.  Adhere to front of card
  • Die cut a 2 ½ inch heart from the Love is in the Air paper.  Use the pink back side up. Put Love You rub-ons on pink heart.  Add a blue flower rub-on next to the words.  Place four foam squares on back of pink heart and place on top of red stitched heart
  • Add white and pink flowers to edge of red heart.  Attach brad through flower and adhere with double sided tape.  Place rub on flowers next to silk flowers around the edges of the heart
  • Inside the card take a 4” x 3 ½” square of pink paper and ink around the edge with black ink.  Adhere pink square to right side of card.  Use blue floral tag from the Falling for You Stickers and place Forever rub-on on top.  Adhere to pink square
  • Place red rub-on doodles , hearts and flowers around the edge of the pink square.   Cut out  X0X0  from the Words Can’t Express paper and adhere to right bottom corner


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