Join our Easter Egg Hunt and be in with a chance of winning a 20 spend in our online shop. Two lucky people will each get a 20 license to spend, so you have a double chance of winning.

Just find the 10 Easter Eggs hiding in our shop. As visitors to our site know we have a huge array of goodies, so you might need a little help in finding them. They are NOT to be found in any of the themed sections (Christmas, Halloween, Love/Wedding) nor in Sale & Clearance, our Ideas section, or the children's section. You may need to scroll down the page in some cases to find them, but look at the clues if that is the case.

So just where are they to be found? Well, here are some cryptic clues to help you:


Egg 1: Hop by a Sandy Shore and say hello to a little bunny.

Found here: Bo Bunny "Down By The Sea"


Egg 2: The mist will soon clear and you will soon see a little chick in the undulating landscape.

Found here: Kaisercraft "Misty Mountains"


Egg 3: Decorate this Easter egg with a little coloured texture.

Found here: Inkz Texture Paste


Egg 4: Konnichiwa little chick. Find it at this Eastern point.

Found here: Amy Design "Oriental" Collection


Egg 5: You will find this bunny playing with the fairies in a beautiful garden.

Found here: Kaisercraft "Fairy Garden"


Egg 6: Being kissed by the sun is a lovely way to spend Easter.

Found here: Graphic 45 "Sunkissed"


Egg 7: Scram bunny, take a hike! Hide between the trails and the trees.

Found here: Bo Bunny Take a Hike. Nestled between paper designs "Trails" and "Trees"


Egg 8: This is well documented, an egg can surely be found here, so it is written.

Found here: Kaisercraft "Documented"


Egg 9: New kit every month for this Easter chick? That's our own!

Found here: Charmed Cards & Crafts Kits


Egg 10: This Easter chic just loves writing letters. Look how beautiful she writes!

Found here: Ranger's "Letter It"



Congratulations to:

Julia Myall

Pamela Sinden



To enter just send us an email with the places where you found them, and include your name.

Click bunny below to email us.

Email your answers through to us.

Happy hunting, and a very Happy Easter to you all.





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