Twist & Pop Card Class

By Karen Mortensen

This is such a fun card to make, and a fabulous surprise for the recipient.  There are several video's on the Internet showing you how to make one, here is my version.

I am using our July'17 kit here, which comprised Graphic 45's fabulous "Master Detective"  collection.





Papers used from the kit:

Plain Cardstock: Raven, Kiwi Crush

Patterned Paper: Master Detective (cut out figures on front and some of the pop-ups), Dastardly Deeds (background inside and out), It's Elementary (hand inside card, some of the pop-ups). Sentiment from Charmed Cards & Crafts sentiment sheet.

Embellishments used from the kit: Black pearls, Feathers, Metal Key, Black web ribbon.



For the card itself cut a piece of the Raven cardstock in the kit into size 12" x 4". Fold into a card 6" (Height) by 4" (width)

Now for the mechanism inside the card. Another piece of Raven cardstock, sized 10" x 3.5". Score this piece at 2.5" - 5" and 7.5"

From now on I will be showing you on white cardstock here to make it easier to follow, and revert back to my original card later on in the class.


Fold the scored piece as shown (valley, mountain, valley)

Next cut a piece of Raven cardstock into size 8" x 3.5". This is the piece that sits behind the second piece.  Score at point 1.75" on the short side:


Turn it around and mark it on both sides at 2.25" and 5.75" with a pencil (so you can rub it out afterwards):


Score from side to side so you have a cross. Easiest way to do this is to lay it down on your scoring board with the two marks running down the same line, then score (I have marked one line so you can see it better):




Now fold it: Centre fold is a mountain fold, whilst the two are valley folds.

The piece will naturally fold into this shape:

Now add double-sided tape to the top front and back:

Decorate the inside of your card as you will need to do this before we add the mechanism.

Now mark the centre and position the mechanism as below. Stick it under just below the score line.

peel the tape off at the top and stick down


Take the top piece of the mechanism that you created earlier and lay it on top of the bottom layer positioning it exactly in the middle but do not stick it down:



Fold one side in and mark it as shown, a pencil line down to the centre and a cross:



Fold the other side in and mark as before - line and cross:



Remove the top again and put double-sided tape on the areas you marked.



Lay the top on again ensuring it lines up with the areas you mark and stick it down. Your mechanism is now in place.



Decorate the middle as you like. I am now going back to my original card, and you can see how I decorated the middle with papers and embellishments from the Master Detective kit.



Image cut out from the signature paper. I used Glossy Accents on various parts of the card to bring it to life, including on all buttons, skull, feathers in hat, corsage, bowler hat, umbrella handle. Feather from kit.











I popped a greeting from the kit on the back of the card, along with web ribbon also from the kit.







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