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 Waterfall Card

Class created and designed by Karen


This class is copyrighted and may not be reproduced on any other website.


The waterfall card is a clever card that will have everyone wondering how the heck you did it! When the ribbon is pulled the card reveals a cascading array of mini cards. Have a go, it's much easier than it looks!



Class Supply List:

  • 1 x 12x12 sheet of paper: We R Memory Keepers Vintage Brass Threads

  • 1 x 12x12 sheet of paper: We R Memory Keepers Vintage Brass Heart Strings

  • 1 x A5 sized card

  • Ivory cardstock to cut four squares each measuring 6cm x 6cm

  • Stamps or embellishments of your choice

  • 1 x Eyelet

  • Ribbon ( I used Doodlebug Rick Rack)

  • Ink (Optional - Inks used here are Tim Holtz "dried marigold" and "shabby shutters")

  • Adhesive

  • Double-sided Tape


  • Bone folder (Optional)

  • Embossing Tool (Optional)

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Eyelet setting tools or Crop-A-Dile





Step 1

Wrap the card in the Vintage Brass Thread cardstock. Keep the strip of paper left over, we are using that in the next step.



Step 2

Cut 4 small squares from ivory card, each measuring 6cm x 6cm. Decorate each square as you please. Keep it flat, use stamps, stickers and so on; anything remotely bulky will interfere with the waterfall.


Step 3

Cut the strip of cardstock leftover from wrapping the card into size 6cm x 27cm. The paper is double-sided and we are showing the reverse side for the waterfall. If you want a sturdier strip (i.e. for a small child) then use heavier cardstock.

Score the strip to make fold-lines as indicated below. You can use an embossing tool to score the folds.



Step 4

Write or stamp a greeting on the 15cm long side of the strip making sure you do not go into the last 3cm at the end of the strip.  Alternatively you can leave the strip blank if you prefer.



Step 4

Insert an eyelet in the centre at the bottom of the strip. I used a Crop-A-Dile which makes eyelet insertion a breeze. It punches the hole and sets the eyelet with no effort whatsoever.

Now we need to position the squares on the strip.  Glue the first square onto the strip from fold D as shown below. Use adhesive or double-sided tape. I recommend adhesive for the first square that is fully stuck down, and double-sided tape for the remainder of the squares.


Next square is glued onto the area between fold C and D. Remember that we want only the top part of the square glued on, therefore glue the entire area between C and D and stick the top part of the square on that (or use double-sided tape (recommended)).



Carry on in this fashion until all the squares are on the strip - square 3 between fold B and C and square 4 between A and B. Square 4 is the square you want to be uppermost and initially fully visible.


Step 5

Cut a 2-3cm wide strip of card with the length of the width of your card. Cover it with the Heartstrings paper and ink the edges with green ink (optional). Attach the strip by the first square to the middle of the new card strip as below (with double-sided tape). This is the only place that you are attaching the strip with the squares, do not glue anything else down.


Step 6

Cut two round circles from the Heartstrings paper. Mine has a diameter of 3".  Ink edges with green ink (optional). Glue the circles onto the card so that they will lay behind the strip.


Step 7

Fold the long strip. Glue each end of the Heartstrings strip and stick onto card. Glue only the very ends, do NOT put any adhesive in the middle! The waterfall needs to be able to move freely. I glued approx 1" in either side. You can attach an eyelet either side for added strength (not done here). Tie some ribbon to the eyelet at the end of the strip.

When the ribbon is pulled the squares fold like a pack of cards, revealing each square in turn as well as the hidden message inside the strip. See the next step for pictures.


Step 8

You can now add any finishes touches you may like. I added wording around the pull and a few hearts from the MAMBI Glitter Chipboard pack. Leave the space above the waterfall clear.

The following sequence of pictures shows the waterfall in action.




You can use the same size waterfall on a smaller card. If you don't want the band you can make two slits below the waterfall and glue the strip onto the space between the two slits - use a double-folded card for this method.  You can add more squares to make a longer waterfall.

The page below using the waterfall to depict a wedding poem dedicated to the happy couple. The page size is A4, each of the five squares measure 8cmx8cm and the space between the squares is 1.5cm. (the dark area to the right of the waterfall is just a shadow.)


We hope you enjoyed the class.


Class designed and created by Karen from Charmed Cards & Crafts


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