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 "3 Things..." Card

Class created and designed by Karen



This class is copyrighted and may not be reproduced on any other website.


This is a special card for that special person. It is the sort of card that you wrap in tissue paper and present in a box.


The card is suitable for a variety of occasions - birthday, thank you, Mother's Day, "just because". Just modify accordingly. Almost all the products used in this class are by Basic Grey. The class uses the QuicKutz Silhouette.


The finished card size is 6" x 6" and opens up to 12" by 6".



Class Supply List:

  • 1 sheet of Basic Grey Infuse "Suffuse"

  • 1 sheet of Basic Grey Infuse "Lace"

  • Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard

  • Basic Grey Magnetic Tie Back/Buckle or other magnets such as Magnetic Snaps.

  • Basic Grey Infuse 6x6 pad (or use scraps of coordinating Basic Grey papers).

  • 1 x Crystal Brad

  • Muted brads

  • Adhesive

  • Small photograph

  • Ink


  • Scissors

  • QuicKutz Silhouette

  • Bone Folder (optional)




Step 1

Fold both sheet of Basic Grey Infuse "Lace" and "Suffuse" papers into four squares. Cut out one of the squares from the paper. It doesn't matter which one on the Suffuse paper as it's plain, but what we are aiming for is shown below with patterned sides showing). If you use a different patterned paper then use the guide. Keep the 6x6 squares, we will use those later.


They are cut so when they lay together back to back the printed side is facing outwards both sides.


Ink the cut edges of both the papers.


Step 2

Cut the two 6" x 6" squares left over from papers and trim them to 3" x 3", taking 3" of two of the sides. Ink the edges. We will now work with these squares in turn.

Take 3 sheets from the Infuse 6x6 pad and cut two 1cm strips from each. You can also use any other coordinating scrap paper you may have. Ink the white edges (only the very edge). Cut each strip into a variety of 3cm and 2cm strips. Ink one of the newly cut edges only, the other one is not going to be seen.  Glue the strips onto the two 3" squares leaving a few strips off on the Suffuse square.


Step 3

Cut the following:

  • "3 things I about you" using different fonts and sizes

  • the words "you are" three times. Keep the paper you cut them from as we are using that later.

  • two hearts

  • if you have the QuicKutz Silhouette, cut out the L with the word "Love" inside it.

  • three rings each measuring approx 5cm in diameter. Keep the inside of the rings as we will need those also.

  • "Happy Birthday" words.

  • Three small flowers that will fit onto the circles left over from cutting the rings.

I used the Silhouette to cut out all the text and designs. See finished card for colour guidance.

Mat the "3 things I about you" words and number separately onto "Salt" cardstock from the Infuse 6x6 pad.  Cut them out and ink the edges.  See the finished card for guidance.


Step 4

Place the "Suffuse" square you cut out onto what will be the front of the card but do not stick it down yet. Position the "3" and "things" appropriately. See where you may need to trim or add more strips from the 3" square to go onto "things", then glue all three in place. See pictures below for guidance.


Step 5

Add the rest of the words. Draw lines around the red heart with a white Glaze pen. "Stitch" around some of the paper strips with a Sepia Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze Pen and around others with a green Glaze pen.


Step 6

Cover a flower from the Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard pack in paper from the 6x6 pad. To do this trace around the flower, cut out and glue on. File down and ink the edges. Pop a crystal brad in the centre and glue onto card. Glue the top ornate magnet to the bottom centre. Finally add a brad at the end of a few of the paper strips.



The front of the card is now complete so lets turn our attention to the back of the card.


Step 7

Glue the second square to the back of the card (see picture for correct placement).

 Draw stitches on a few of the strips with the green Glaze pen. Add a few brads here and there on the end of the strips. You can add one of our "Made with Love" or "Made for you" charms if you like.



Step 8

Now let's do the inside of the fold.

Cut two strips from the Infuse Instill paper from the 6x6 pad.  Glue the strips down the centre of the two squares.


Ink the three 5cm rings you  cut earlier.  Use one to frame a picture of the recipient.  Mat the other two on Infuse "Salt" paper and write a word in each one. The words relate to something you love about the recipient. Attach brads around the circles then glue them on. Add the outside of the "you are" words you cut and one set of "you are" as picture below.


Step 9

Lets complete the inside:

  • Draw and cut out arrows to go between the words and the words/picture. I used Infuse "Salt" for the two smaller arrows and painted the rounded arrow. Ink the edges with gold ink and draw lines and dots with Glaze pens. 

  • Mount the "Happy Birthday" on brown cardstock and add to the card.

  • Ink the edges of the round circles left over from cutting out the rings with gold ink and place onto card with a flower on each. Top with a green brad.

  • Add the second heart. I painted this one the same colour as the rounded arrow (Paint Dabbers "Watermelon") and brushed it lightly with gold ink.






Step 10

Time to put the card together!

Attach the second magnet between the two papers at the bottom so that the position corresponds to the top magnet. Glue the papers together and brush any visible white edges with gold or red ink. Use a cream insert for the inside of the card.

Front and back of card



The front now open up to reveal the three things you love about the recipient.



We hope you enjoyed the class.


Class designed and created by Karen from Charmed Cards & Crafts


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