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Maze Book

Class by Karen


This class is copyrighted and may not be reproduced on any other website.


These a-maze-ing little books, also know as puzzle books, are fun and easy to make.


Class Supply List:

  • One 12x12 sheet of paper/cardstock

  • Chipboard/two coasters

  • Length of ribbon or fibre

  • Adhesive

  • Paper and embellishments of your choice to decorate your pages.


Step 1


Take a piece of 12x12 paper. You can use patterned but a plain paper is much easier to work with..

Fold the paper in the middle as shown. Using a bone folder will give a cleaner, sharper edge.


Step 2

Open up the paper and fold the other way as shown.

You now have four squares


Step 3

Open up your paper, lay it flat and fold again so that you have 8 squares


Step 4

Open up your paper, lay it flat and fold again so that you have 16 small squares.


Step 5

Lay your paper flat then cut it along the thick blue lines following the direction of the black arrows. Now fold the squares up concertina style as shown by the orange arrows. Experiment a little with how you fold, the folded book should have little pockets at the top and side on some of the folds. It is entirely up to you how you fold your book but you will be amazed at how much of a difference the folding makes to the finished result.


Step 6

Cut two pieces of chipboard/book-board a little larger than your book pages. You can also use two coasters. Cover with paper, paint, or decorate as you like.  Glue a length of ribbon or fibre to the inside of the covers as shown. Make sure you leave a gap in the middle to accommodate your book being opened and closed. Try with the book inside the cover just to make sure.


Step 7

Before gluing the book onto the covers you can decorate the pages. You can do that either before folding, directly onto the pages after folding, or, as I do, make mini layouts separately and then glue each one into the book. I find the latter the much better option.

When you have finished decorating your pages glue your book to inside the covers and tie with the ribbon.

Below are are some pages from a finished maze book. The pockets have tags and journaling that can be pulled out.




Photo frame waiting for picture






We hope you enjoyed the class.


Class designed and created by Karen from Charmed Cards & Crafts


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