Circle Journal Layouts





What is a circle journal? A circle journal is a journal that you pass amongst your friends, each member creating a single or double layout. Each member of the circle have their own journal and their own theme. At allocated times the journals pass from person to person through the circle, eventually ending up with the person to whom it belongs.  The journals are never more than 8"x8" with the more common sizes being 6" x 6" or 5" x 7".

Each book has a decorated cover, an introduction, a rules page and a page for circle members to sign their names.

Circle journals really are great fun, they bring people together and the end result is a beautiful journal you will treasure for many years to come.




Theme: "Silly Things We Say"

Theme: "Silly Things We Say" (Open)

Theme: "Seasons Colour My World" (first page)

Theme: "Seasons Colour My World" (second page)

Theme: "Seasons Colour My World"

Theme: "Book of Favourites" - each heart opens to reveal journalling

Theme: "Garden Flowers"







Theme: "Passions"

Theme: "Passions" (open)

Theme: "Things that make me smile"

Theme: "Seaside"

Theme: "Best Friends"

Theme: "Best Friends" (open)


Theme: "If I knew Then" (first page)

Theme: "Is I Knew Then" (second page)

Theme: "Christmas" (front cover)

Theme: "Christmas" (sign-in page)

Theme: "Christmas" (Introduction and Title page)

Theme: "Christmas" (Sign-in and Rules)

Theme: "Christmas" (double layout)

Theme: "British Wildlife"

Theme: "Me & My Shop"

Theme: "Happiness (what makes you happy)"

Theme: "Disney"

Theme: "Scrapping The Scraplift"