Circle Journal Ideas

All designed and created by Karen Mortensen, Charmed Cards & Crafts


Theme: "Who would you like to meet, dead or alive".



Theme: Favourites. Favourite items are written on each side of the tags with favourite items used in the layout.


Theme: Remember When


Theme: Lloyd Grossman style "Who lives in a house like this".


Reverse of clues on tags and identity revealed.



Theme: Seasons. Each Flap open to reveal the season depicted by the Sun.




Theme: Gal Pals with Bling



Theme: Poems. Each page opens to reveal a funny poem.




Theme: Through my Window. The house is behind a window of acetate.



Theme: Create in Colour



Theme Chocolate







Theme "Precious"

Apart from the obvious what would you rescue from your burning home?



Theme "Magical & Mystical"



Theme "Favourite Book"






Theme "I Want To Be"




Theme "Dare to Dream"

What would you wish for



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