Here are some project ideas from the Bo Bunny Design Team*. The following collections are featured here:

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Olivia Project Ideas



Designed by: Patti Milazzo

Product used:

Olivia pattern paper Dot (reverse)

Olivia pattern paper Nectar (reverse)

Olivia pattern paper Moonlight (reverse)

Olivia pattern paper Cashmere

Olivia pattern paper Stripe

Olivia 12 Chipboard

Olivia Grateful Hearts Stickers

Olivia iCandy Brads

Olivia Rub-Ons




Designer: Sarah Eclavea

Products Used:
Olivia Ambrosia Paper
Olivia Dot Paper
Olivia Stripe Paper
Olivia Combo Stickers
Olivia A Mother's Love Stickers
Kitchen Spice Flowers
Assorted Bo Bunny Buttons and Bling




Designer: Tara Orr

Products Used:
Olivia Collection; Dot
Olivia Collection; Nectar
Olivia Collection; Mums
Olivia Collection; Chipboard
Grateful Heart Cardstock Stickers

"Give Thanks"

Designer: Tara Orr

Products Used:
Olivia Collection; Nectar
Olivia Collection; Mums
Olivia Collection; Noteworthy Journal Pages

Sugar & Spice
Designer: Mireille Divjak

Supplies Used: Olivia, Olivia Strip, Olivia Nectar, Olivia Cameo Die Cut,
Cream Gardenia Petals, Olivia iCandy Brads, Olivia 12" Chipboard,
Olivia Rub-Ons, Olivia A Mothers Love Cardstock Sticker

Other Supplies: Punch, Ink, Stickles, Glossy Accents

Designer Tip: I added some curls for extra dimension under the flower. These are actually very simple to make. Cut a very small strip of paper and wrap it around a needle. Gently pull and adhere the last part under the flower.




Designer: Tomoko Takahashi

Supplies Used: Olivia, Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Cashmere, Olivia Dot,
Olivia Honeydew, Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Mums, Olivia Nectar,
Olivia Stripe, Olivia Cut Outs, Coral Double Dot, Olivia 12" Chipboard
Cream Gardenia Petals, Olivia iCandy Stickers, Olivia iCandy Chipboard,
Olivia iCandy Brads, Chunky Charms, Assorted Flowers

Other Supplies: Alphabet Stickers, Sewing Needle, Alcohol Ink (Gold),
Little Glass Bottle, Other Flowers and Leaves, Grungeboard,
Pearl, Stickles, Sepia Accents

Best Times
Designer: Frances Sylvia

Supplies Used: Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Baby's Breath, Olivia Stripe,
Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Cut Outs, Olivia Combo Stickers, Olivia 12" Chipboard,
Olivia iCandy Brads, Almond Double Dot, Antique Lace Petal, Chiffon Chunky Chips

The Bride
Designer: Janis Medina

Supplies Used: Olivia Cameo Die Cut, Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Mums,
Olivia Baby's Breath, Olivia Nectar, Olivia Stripe, Olivia Stickers,
Olivia 12" Chipboard, Olivia iCandy Brads, Olivia Rub-Ons,
Olivia Wraps, Olivia Cardstock Stickers, Cream Gardenia Petals,
Antique Lace Petals, Assorted BoBunny Flowers


Designer Notes: I placed Bo Bunny Petals on the center of my Gardenias for some pop of orange on my flowers. I outlined my Olivia Cameo Die Cut paper with gold paint. Instead of air drying, I heat gunned it for a more textured look. I also applied Opal Dust on the edges of my Gardenia Petals and Mica Flakes on my Swirl Chipboard for added shimmer and texture


Designer: Luzma Bruna

Supplies Used: Chiffon Rose Trim, Olivia iCandy Stickers, Cream Gardenia Petal,
Olivia iCandy Brads, Olivia Dot, Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Nectar,
Olivia 12" Chipboard, Chiffon Double Dot

Altered Paperback Book
Designer: Robbie Herring

Supplies Used: Olivia Stripe, Olivia Honey Dew, Olivia Cashmere,
Olivia Dot, Clover Double Dot, Cream Gardenia Petals, Olivia 12" Chipboard
Other Supplies: Florists Foam, Glimmermist,
Tulle-Copper Shimmer, Royal Coat Decoupage Finish

Designer Note: To add an overall antiqued look, simply give
your entire project a few light sprays of Glimmermist


Life is Beautiful
Designer: Michele Beck

Supplies Used: Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Baby's Breath, Olivia iCandy Brads,
Olivia Layered Chipboard, Coral Double Dot, Decaf Double Dot Ribbon
Designer Tip: Give a unique style to your card by making your own paper flowers. 
Cut circles, ink it and staple it together.  Add a brad to the center. 
Do the same for the leaves

Grateful Heart
Designer: Jolanda Meurs

Supplies Used: Olivia Nectar, Olivia Stripe, Olivia Dot,
Kiwi Double Dot, Olivia 12" Chipboard, Olivia Rub-on,
Olivia iCandy Brad, Grateful Heart Cardstock Sticker

Designer: Samantha Wright

Supplies Used: Olivia Nectar, Olivia Cashmere, Olivia 12" Chipboard,
Noteworthy Olivia, Grateful Heart Stickers, Assorted flowers and bling
Designer: Mireille Divjak

Supplies Used: Coffee Double Dot, Olivia Cashmere, 
Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Stripe, Olivia iCandy Chipboard,
Grateful Heart Cardstock Sticker, Double Dot Ribbon, Assorted flowers


Designer: Shanna Vineyard

Supplies: Olivia Mums, Olivia, Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Cut Out
Olivia 12"Chipboard, Chuncky Chips Alpha Chocolate, Double Dot Ribbon Chocolate


Designer: Kris Silvester

Supplies: Olivia Honeydew, Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Baby's Breath,
Olivia Stripe, Olivia Nectar, Olivia dot, Chocolate Ruffle Wrap



Noel Project Ideas


Merry Christmas
Designer: Debbie Sherman

Supplies Used: Noel Cheer, Double Dot Chiffon, Holly Berry Wrap,
Noteworthy Noel, Traditions Cardstock Sticker, Noel Clearly Stamp

Noel Card Holder
Designer: Debbie Sherman

Product used: Noel Rejoice, Noel Cheer, Holly Berry Wraps,
Noel scraps for large handmade flowers


Additional materials: flowers, ink, acrylic paint,
and wooden mail caddy, adhesive pearl


Gifts of Love

Designer: Shanna Vineyard

Supplies: Noel Ornaments, Noel Joy, Noel Cheer, Noel Rejoice,
Noel Postcards, Noel Traditions, Chunky Chips Clover, Chunky Charms Chiffon


Designer: Kris Silvester

Supplies: Noel Memories, Noel Holiday Die Cut, Noel Cheer,
Noel Stripe, Noel 12" Chipboard, Holly Berry Wrap, Antique Lace Petal


Cambridge Project Ideas


Designer: Gabrielle Pollacco

Supplies Used:Cambridge iCandy Brads, Noel Wraps, Wine Double Dot,
Cambridge Crown Die Cut, Cambridge Crest, Camgridge Post,
Cambridge Cut Out, Charcoal Knit Petal's
Other Supplies: Chalk Inks, White Gel Pen, Stickles, Crystal Flourish.

Designers Tip: I just love a nice piece of 'journal' paper like the Cambridge 'Post' paper. I like to use it for all sorts of things. On this page I punched blooms from it and tinted them with a little ink and I like to change up a neutral paper like this with a little ink and masking.

For my Circle design on this page, I cut a circular piece of the 'Post' paper. I then cut out a few floral designs with my die cutter. You can use a flower punch or even hand-cut a simple flower design for this. The grass I just cut from some plain white paper with scissors. I attached it to the paper with some removable sticky tape. Then just dabbed on a variety of chalk inks. Here I used a dark brown & green chalk ink. I then removed the pieces of paper (discarded them) and I'm left with the floral design.

o dress it up a little more I lightly brushed the flower design with some Wheat colour chalk ink and some Rose colour ink....and the leaves with a touch of bright green. Don't worry about being exact, the colours melting into each other gives the piece a nice water-colour effect.


U are my Rock Star
Designer: Misty Choate

Supplies Used: Cambridge Cobalt, Cambridge Crest,
Cambridge 12" Chipboard, Cambridge Combo Sticker,
Rock Star Card Stock Sticker, Assorted Bling

Tip: If you aren't a big cardstock sticker fan, look at the elements
 of the sticker.  You might be surprised what you might find.
I took the guitar off of the Rock Star Cardstock sticker and
simply replaced the text with my own.


Found My Prince

Designer: Shanna Vineyard

Supplies: Cambridge Cup, Cambridge Crest, Cambridge Cobalt,
Cambridge Chipboard, Chuncky Chips Clover

U Rock My World

Designer: Kris Silvester

Supplies: Cambridge Crest, Cambridge, Cambridge Stripe,
Cambridge Dot, Cambridge Crown Die Cut, Newsprint Wrap



Winter Joy Project Ideas


Winter Beauty

Designer: Shanna Vineyard

Supplies: Winter Joy Peace, Winter Joy Dot, Winter Joy Bundled,
Winter Joy 12" Chipbaord, Winter Joy iCandy Brads

Holiday Magic

Designer: Kris Silvester

Supplies: Winter Joy Snow Fall, Winter Joy Brrr, Winter Joy Dot,
Winter Joy Bundled, Winter Joy Cut Out, Winter Joy 12" Chipboard

Supplies: Winter Joy




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*All projects are courtesy of Bo Bunny. All projects are copyrighted to Bo Bunny.