Bind it All Information

Bind-it-All Usage Recommendations:

Chipboard: under 3 mm or 1/8"
Cardstock sheets: stack of paper not measuring over  1/8"
Acrylic:  1/32" thick (nothing thicker than a standard CD ROM)  
Metal: very thin aluminium's or metal sheets that do not exceed 0.025 of an inch
or ( 3 - 128th of an inch).
Wood: Soft wood, MDF woods - of thickness up to 1/8"

Anything beyond the above mentioned will be considered misuse of the Bind-it-
All and beyond Bind-it-All specifications.

Certainly the Bind-it-All, could probably handle more than the above mentioned
but it will all be at the consumers risk.  Any applications over and beyond the
above mentioned specifications will void the warranty of the Bind-it-All.  
For those of you that are interested in binding
license plates it is important for
you to note the following:

The more modern license plates are made of thin aluminum. These do work with
the Bind-it-All, however it is not recommended. Consumers are doing so at their
own risk.  The idea book, Bound 2 Bind, does in fact have a license plate book
which was submitted by a designer and of course it was a nice innovative idea
and that is why it was published.  In this instance, it was a thin and soft
aluminum license plate and was therefore manageable by the Bind-it-All.

Older license plate are made of steel which is much stronger than the current
thin aluminum ones.  These older license plates are in no way recommended to
be used by the Bind-it-All.  They can cause permanent damage to the Bind-it-All.