Artist Trading Cards (ATC) - Ideas and Examples


What are Artist Trading Cards, or ATC's as they are better known, I hear you ask. In short they are small pieces of art that are swapped - traded - with other crafters. You can either have original ATC’s, which means each card you swap is different, or an edition, which means all cards in your group are the same.

There are two main things to remember about ATC’s…..

1. The ATC must measure 2.5” x 3.5” (64mm x 89mm).
2. They must never be sold, only swapped or given. To make a true trade, the cards must have the following information on the back. Your name, the date and the reference number. So for card one you put 1 of 3, card two is 2 of 3 and so on.

You can stamp on the cards, use watercolours, inks, or chalks. You can add ribbons, peel offs, rub ons, brads, and buckles – ANYTHING! ATC’s are very similar to the cards that you normally make just smaller.

Here you will see a variety of ATC cards that were made for swaps on the Charmed Craft Talk forum by Karen Mortensen.

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Theme: Christmas



Theme: Autumn



Theme: Halloween



Theme: Halloween/Autumn




Theme: Textured Backgrounds


Theme: Spring





Theme: Fresh

I included a little definition of the word "Fresh"


Here they are inserted into their pockets.




Theme: Country/Primitive




Theme: Home




Theme: Theatrical




Theme: Water




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