Christmas Ideas - Christmas Tree Heart & Door Hanger

by Karen Mortensen









Christmas Tree Heart

A lovely easy little decoration for your Christmas Tree. Fill with little sweet for a lovely Christmas treat.

Cut four hearts, two large and two small. Ink edges. I used double sided paper so the inside looks pretty too.  This paper is from the Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet collection.

Layer one small heart on top of one large heart.

Put two eyelets at the top of each heart to hold the fibre/ribbon

Put double-sided tape at the sides ONLY of the inside of one of the heart pairs. The shaded part below shows where I put the tape.

Stick the other one on top, ensuring you leave a big gap to take the sweet.

Attach the fibre/tinsel/ribbon through the eyelets





Christmas Door Hanger

This is a nice little extra to put on the door at Christmas. Teenagers especially can have these for little treats and gifts to wake up to on Christmas morning, when a Christmas stocking no longer is the cool thing to have.



Cut a piece of chipboard to size 20cm x 9.5cm. Cover it in Christmas paper, I used Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet paper.

Cut a circular hole in the top. I used a die and ran it through several times to cut through back and front.

Ink the edges of the hole in red ink.



Cut a piece of the same paper into size 19cm x 11cm.  Cut off one of the corners as depicted below. The red line depicts the middle (9.5cm in). Cut on the black dotted line.



You can see here where it is going to be:


Put it to one side.


Take a piece of coordinating paper. I used the reverse side of the paper I was using (Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet). Cut the paper as you did before but in the opposite corner (see picture below for clarification), make it a little smaller on the long length, we don't want it to go right to the corner (look at all the pictures in the class before you make it). Wrap the cut section to it, gluing it down on the back (not the front).

Staple the front down at the very bottom.

Stick a piece of double-sided tape to the front of the striped paper at the bottom over the staples.  Wrap the first piece you cut around, completely sticking it down on the back and sticking it down on the front by the double-sided tape on the front. Before you do this add some double-sided tape where the two pieces join so they are stuck together. . When you stick it make sure it has a little give at the front so you can get sweet into it. Don't sit it too tightly.

Cut a strip of the striped paper and stick it to the first piece as you can see in the picture below. 

Cut aGraphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet  sentiment out, or another suitable. This one measures 9.3cm x 3.5cm. Attach it to the top of your pocket. Add a ribbon and any other embellishment you may like to add.

Add red Stickles around the hole at the top:





We hope you enjoyed the class.

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